Artisan Handcrafted Carnelian Stone Sterling Silver Long Earrings Sun Star Celestial Sunburst Starburst Rustic Modern Contemporary Elongated


The ancient stone featured in this artisan pair of earrings is Carnelian. Carnelian has been cherished and used in jewelry dating back to the ancient times. It is a microcrystalline crystal. Chalcedony stones catch sunlight so incredibly beautifully giving them an ethereal type of glow. These stones are an orangey reddish color. The metalwork consists of PMC (precious .960 solid sterling silver metal clay) that has been hand formed and fired in my kiln, and solid .925 sterling silver. The piece was given a soft brushed satin finish and black oxidized (patina) that really make them visually pop. The overall artsy styling is hugely unique and timeless! This creation was a tedious process to make from scratch and much time with a lot of patience and love!