Artisan Metalsmith Leopard Skin Jasper Natural Stone Mixed Metal Sterling Silver Chain Necklace Pendant & Dangle Earrings Space Geometric


The colorful, natural Leopard Skin Jasper Stone featured in this pendant is from Mexico. It’s interesting orbicular patterning combined with colors of orange, cream, black, green and red are simply amazing! Taking into consideration the overall edgy, modern, spacey design of this set, ‘planetary exploration’ comes to my mind as my head wanders into deep space exploration! I mounted the stone on solid .925 sterling silver with a solid copper sawtooth bezel setting. The majority of the metal for this set is comprised of solid sterling silver. I used some copper to accentuate the stone’s colors. I created sterling silver cabochons and set them as if they were stones, with nicely contrasting copper sawtooth bezel. I used them in the design for both the necklace and coordinating earrings.