Artisan Sunburst Starburst Geometric PMC & Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace Sunstone Carnelian Stone Modern Cosmic Cosmos Space Sun Star


The unusual hand cut cabochon stone featured in this artisan pendant is a Sunstone in matrix, sourced from India. Any minute amounts of black that may be seen in the matrix is black tourmaline, which is really neat and most appropriately suits this piece metaphysically. The smaller stone is natural Carnelian. The two harmonically compliment each other. The matrix has some interesting creamy translucency combined with orangey golden flecks that catch light so incredibly beautifully and shimmer. I gave this beauty a deep beveled cut which lends poise and structure. The cabochon stone has been set in solid sterling silver in which I of course hand fabricated myself. The top starburst/ sunburst metalwork area consists of overlay work which is composed of three layers of metal which also includes PMC (precious metal .960 solid sterling clay.) The piece was given a soft brushed finish and black oxidized (patina) that make a beautiful, eye catching contrast.