Gnome with Axe Artisan Handmade Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace Jewelry Old Antique Vintage Style Battle Dwarf Elf Forest Garden


What is that you ask, why yes that is an axe toting gnome set off to do a long, grueling, hard day’s work, and not exactly singing the “Heigh Ho” song while swinging that axe. These artisan handcrafted Gnome/ Dwarf pendants are made using my hydraulic press from a hob that was created from an original very old antique design. They possess amazing detail with a timeless, wonderfully eccentric design and unisex style. They are very well made and designed to last a life time with proper care. There is a whole lot of time, patience, skill and love that went into crafting these pieces. They are made one at a time and are not fast to make. Each one is a process of tedious work that is all done by human hands. The work includes sawing out the metal, annealing, pressing, soldering, filing, finishing the metalwork, and applying an antiqued patina.