Moon & Star Artisan Sterling Silver Stud Post Small Earrings Art Jewelry Celestial Cosmic Space Stars Inspired Metalsmith Handmade Unisex


These handcrafted stud earrings are entirely created by hand one at a time. They are very well made and substantial, and are a tedious process to make. Each one is stamped, carefully sawed out with an itty bitty jeweler’s saw, soldered, filed, patinaed and polished. I made these using the longer posts on them because I simply do not like standard short size sterling posts on earrings which I feel often times are more suitable for a younger child instead of an adult (I can definitely make some with the standard shorter posts if you prefer or if they are a gift intended for a child, just let me know.) These are very comfortable to wear and come with solid sterling silver, heavy gauge ear nuts instead of the typical lighter gauge. They are constructed from sterling silver .925, and the moon and star is given an oxidized black patina in the recessed area of the design.