Rustic Mountain Wildflower Sterling Silver Artisan Necklace Pendant Detailed Flower Small Tiny Dainty Botanical Garden Winter Snowflake


Sweet little snow flowers, peeking through snow covered fields, awakening from a winter’s dream. These artisan handcrafted snow flower pendants are made using my hydraulic press from a hob that was created from an original very old antique design. They possess amazing beautiful detail with a timeless, classy design and style. They are well made and designed to last a life time with proper care. They are made one at a time and are not fast to make. Each one is a process of tedious work that is all done by hand. The work includes sawing out the metal, annealing, pressing, soldering, filing, finishing the metalwork and applying an antiqued patina. Each pendant is handcrafted using solid sterling silver. The metalwork was given a soft brushed finish and a black oxidized patina for a beautiful antiqued look.