Snake Head Serpent Bloodstone Necklace Pendant Sterling Silver & Copper Mixed Metal Green Red Jasper Stone Boho Southwestern Artisan Totem


Snakes and serpents are one of the oldest, most complex symbols used in folklore, architecture and art worldwide, dating back to ancient times. There is a whole lot of time, patience, skill and love that went into crafting the pieces that makeup my snake head ‘Guardian’ collection. Each piece is shaped, sawed, soldered, filed and polished, starting with raw materials. The eye catching stone featured in this pendant is Bloodstone, sourced from India. As a lapidary artisan, I cabbed this thick hand cut cabochon stone with a deep beveled faceted cut which lends more structure and poise. It took a high polish shine which balances very well with the timeless, unique, rustic styled metalwork. The pendant is constructed from solid sterling silver and copper. The cabochon has been set with copper bezel which looks really beautiful paired with the stone’s deep green color with flecks of dark red. The backplate is sterling silver.