Striped Polish Flint Stone Artisan Pendant Necklace Post Earrings Set Mixed Metal Sterling Silver Brass Beach Banded Seashell Style Taupe


This large pendant and earring set is styled in a classic, timeless fashion. I am a lapidary Artisan in addition to doing my metalwork. I gave this cabochon set a beautiful beveled cut, giving them a more structured and refined look. A thick bezel gives the pendant a substantial feel and look. The stones took a beautiful polish that catch light nicely. I felt the colors in this Polish Flint Stone were best complimented in a two tone metal mounting. The jeweler’s red brass, fine silver bezel and sterling sphere accenting on the pendant look fantastic. They remind me of little pearls. I adore jeweler’s red brass, especially combined with solid sterling and fine silver! Jeweler’s red brass is not to be confused with standard, run of the mill brass! It is a super, super close visual match to solid 14kt yellow gold but without the ginormous, absorbent price tag of solid gold. Personally, I can’t tell the visual difference between the two! I gave the metalwork for the set a brushed finish on the backsides and a textured star dust finish on the front sides that have an attractive luster glistening type of effect. I have sealed the metalwork with a jewelers professional grade product to help preserve the finish. Although it is not permanent, it helps to prevent oxygen oxidation for a little while.